Location + Fee

I teach lessons at my house and virtually, and can do a combination of both if preferred. I charge $30 for a 30 minute lesson which is an appropriate length for most beginners. Other lengths can be discussed based on age/level of playing.


  • At every lesson
    • Instrument & bow
    • Rosin
    • Current music
    • Notebook for practice record and lesson comments
  • At home
    • Height-appropriate chair/stool (for cellists)
    • Music stand
    • Metronome/tuner (apps are fine)
    • Rockstop (for cellists)

*Most materials can purchased through local music stores or online retailers such as Amazon


Regular practice is essential to progress and setting up a practice schedule is an excellent way to commit to this. Quality is always preferred over quantity but both are important. Practice time will vary by student but should be appropriate to the lesson length and prepare the student for the full lesson time and assignments. Lessons help keep the student on track and provide them with information they could not get on their own but cannot replace regular practice time. Listening is an important part of practicing and should be done regularly, both before learning the piece and throughout the process.

Parental Involvement

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend lessons, take notes, and guide their students in their practice time at home, especially for younger students. However, I encourage my students to take ownership of their learning so while parental involvement and communication is essential, I utilize resources and strategies in my lessons to promote student independence.