Allegro AppassionatoCamille Saint-Saëns

Lydia Young

Symphony No.7 in A major op.92: II, Allegretto – Ludwig Van Beethoven

Jackson Hudgins

Colors of the WindAlan Menken

Emma Prater

Minuet No. 2J.S. Bach

Belle Pearce

May SongFolk Song

Natalie Tuskind

The Imperial MarchJohn Williams

Viviana Jurkovich

MusetteJ.S. Bach

Chloe Hudgins

Hedwig’s ThemeJohn Williams

William Quinlan

My War: Attack on Titan Season 4 OPShinsei Kmattechan (arr. L.H.J Schellino)

Maxwell Stom

Gerudo Valley: The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time) – Koji Kondo

Zack Krone

GavotteJ.B. Lully

Zooey Harper

Polish DanceEdmund Severn

Avery Morrow

FairytalesW.H. Squire

Hope Prater

CzardasV. Monti

Chelsea Miller

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